Manigley Italia S.r.l. produces different types of taps to meet all its employing needs. Various kinds of taps distinguish one another for their chamfer form, tolerance class, shank dimension, material and coating.

Divided into:

- Taps with cylindrical shank;

- Taps with conical shank;

- Sleeve taps;

- Long taps for nuts;

- Long taps for trapezoidal threading;

- Rolling taps;

- Tandem taps;




Dies are tools used to threading. They are employed by hand or on machine or assembled on the spindle. They carve taps outside cylindrical bars to produce screws and bolts. We have at our disposal dies of different types and measures:

- Metric dies M;

- Metric dies ne MF;

- Dies inch UNC and UNF;

- Dies inch GAS and Rc;

- Dies Pg and NPT