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High quality tools production for industrial branch

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Manigley Italia srl is born as a distributor and manufacturer of tools in differents industrial branch: precision mechanics, automotive, aerospace and energy. We are specialized in threading through sales of taps (Manigley Swiss), microtaps and thread mills. We also take care of the design and production of tools for knurling wheels and tools Zahn® of which we are leaders in the Italian market.

Example of products machined with Manigley® tools

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manigley italia
manigley italia
manigley italia

Technical consultancy

Do you need advice and help to choose the best solution for yours needs?
We'll think about it!
The entire Manigley Italia technical department, with speed and thanks to the decennial experience gained, is ready to assist you in the choice and application of the tools.
We design and build special tools, also guaranteeing an efficient after-sales service to support any need.


We produce and distribute quality tools throughout the Italian territory.
In Manigley Italia we particularly want distributors and industries located throughout the territory.

We are a dynamic and rapidly growing company, with great attention to the needs of our customers.
We support the sale by making deliveries in 24 hours, we have a large warehouse in Milan and we distinguish ourselves for our dynamism, technical and commercial experience.

Manigley Italia