Taps and microtaps

Our taps are made with high quality steels to cover the needs of each application sector.
The taps with color ring and double ring® are Manigley Italia patents and are made to help the operator choose the most correct tool to use.

In our catalog there is also a series of micro taps for eyewear and watchmaking which covers the widest range of applications starting from M0.5.


Taps and microtaps
Taps and microtaps
Taps and microtaps
Taps and microtaps

Fields of application

Employments in the mechanical, automotive, aerospace, eyewear and watchmaking industries.

Forming taps

The brand new Manigley forming tap series is mainly used in the entire range of materials and in the automotive sector.

Forming taps for threading differ from traditional chip removal taps because they carry out the thread by deformation of the material itself.
They are, in general, more robust than traditional taps thanks to the presence of a core and allow to obtain more precise threads with a higher surface finish.

Hand taps

In our catalog you can find different ranges of hand taps to work even the toughest steels.

The geometry that characterizes them allows you to work on particularly hard materials.

Blind holes taps

Our blind hole taps are divided into multiple groups.

To identify the correct tap, it is best to start from the size, the material to be worked and the depth of the thread.

Consult our catalog to discover the guide that will help you find the correct tool to use.

Technical consultancy

Do you need advice on threading and help choosing the product best suited to your needs? We'll think about it!

The entire Manigley Italia technical department, with speed and thanks to decades of experience gained, is ready to assist you in the choice, application and processing with the tools distributed by us.


Current legislation

Internal lubrication IKZ - IKR

Our taps are built to work on holes with depths from 1.5xD up to 3xD and beyond.

We have a range of taps that have internal lubrication, both central (IKZ) and lateral (IKR).

This allows you to work in depth and have correct chip evacuation.

Our catalogues

Consult our catalogs to discover the characteristics and performances of the products.