We produce knurling wheels and knurling tools with the Zahn® registered trademark, we commercialize Manigley taps and dies, micro taps and micro dies, thread milling cutters, HM circular saws and carbide milling cutters.
Our products are the result of years of technological research carried out with the aim of achieving high quality standards. We provide our customers with products capable of ensuring high performance.

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Knurling is a very simple process that can be performed in two different ways:

  • through knurling with plastic deformation;
  • through chip removal.

The difference lies in the knurling tool used.
Both have advantages and the choice of one or the other option is mainly linked to the geometry of the piece and the material used.
A good knurling ensures high durability of the tool and a limited impact on the power absorption of the machine



Threading can be performed using taps and thread milling cutters (external threading) or dies (internal tapping).
The tapping process takes place by choosing the size and then the pitch. Based on this information, the appropriate drill will be chosen and subsequently the choice of the tap, which can vary according to the material being machined, the length of the thread and the use of chip removal or rolling.
The thread mill is used less frequently but guarantees considerable advantages. It is mainly used in the aerospace sector as it involves the management of considerable dimensions and materials with a high incidence of cost.

knurling wheels

The knurling wheels are products built according to the DIN 403 standard, using high quality raw materials and long processing.

All our knurling wheels are built entirely in Italy, made of sintered steel, through-hardened, ground in all their parts.

Subsequently, the coating significantly increases the life of the knurling wheels.


Taps and microtaps

Our taps are made of high quality steel HSSE and HSSE-PM.

We manufacture a wide range of cutting taps and have recently introduced a new range of forming taps.

Circular saws in hard metal

The circular saws are of Swiss quality and are made of hard metal.

They differ in the wide range available even on the smallest diameters and thicknesses.


Technical consultancy

Do you need advice and help to choose the solution that best suits your needs? We'll think about it!
The entire Manigley Italia technical department, with speed and thanks to the decennial experience gained, is ready to assist you in the choice, application and machining with the tools distributed by us.


Current norm

Knurling DIN 82 - UNI 149

The regulations in force are DIN82 (Germany DE) and UNI 149 (Italy IT) for the execution of knurled pieces.

This standard must be reported in the construction drawing.

Our technical office is responsible for interpreting all drawings that deviate from this standard and providing the customer with a correct solution.

Our catalogs contain the main standards with an indication of the tool to be used.

Our catalogues

Consult our catalogs to discover the characteristics and performance of the products.